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home inspiration ideas

Home Inspiration Ideas – Amazing Living Room Decor

home inspiration ideas
home inspiration ideas

Home Design Inspiration – Amazing Living Room Decor Ideas

Living rooms are a space where we are supposed to rest and gather with family and friends. Every living room decor should be the unique footprint of our family’s personality.

This can be achieved with simple items such as a coffee table, a table light, or a chandelier.


21 | 22 Interior Design Trends home inspiration ideas


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Stay with us in this journey through these amazing living room decor ideas and be inspired!!


En Pleurs Living Room

En Pleurs Living Room - Amazing Living Room Decor Ideas home inspiration ideas

With the LALLAN Centre Table, the wonderful APIS light and the amazing KAROO II Bar Chair, this living room decor inhales life and perfectly contributes to the family memories that are being built inside the living room’s walls. With the SAKI Pendant Lights providing a unique golden shine and the utterly fantastic DÊCO Rug artistically framing the space’s walls, this is a room where you can truly feel inspired by.


Oasis Living Room

Oasis Living Room - Amazing Living Room Decor Ideas home inspiration ideas

Forest is the colour palette and materials selection trend for this living room decor. This contemporary classic living room is composed by two WALES Round Sofas, two NAJ armchairs, a custom made LURAY Centre Table, four MECCA II Side Tables and AMIK Table Lights, a WHITE Garden Rug and a NAICCA Suspension Light. The classic fireplace is sided by two built-in bookcases inspired in NAZCA Sideboard, and two PADAUNG Stools.

Otter Living Room

Otter Living Room - Amazing Living Room Decor Ideas home inspiration ideas

Otters are known for being playful animals with a high capacity to adapt to the environment. Inspired by the nature of this animal, the OTTER Sofa can adapt to any living room decor and be an integral part of your interior design, transmitting both comfort and grandiosity. To add contrast and a little shine, complete the room with a KOI Center Table with table tops in glass or marble, you choose the better fit in your room, and the NIKU Floor Light with a structure in gold plated brass to illuminate the entire space.


Sherwood Living Room

Sherwood Living Room - Amazing Living Room Ideas home inspiration ideas

The warmth of coral and the delicacy of pink of these OTTER Sofas is an incredibly stylish option for your living room decor. To uplift the decoration, add the Viking-inspired KOBEN Suspension Light together with the SHERWOOD Center Table, inspired by the legend of Robin Hood, and you have a completely exclusive living room.


The "Untamed" La Finca Home in Madrid home inspiration ideas


Cay Living Room

Cay Living Room - Amazing Living Room Decor Ideas home inspiration ideas

This stunning living room decor has CAY Mirror as the main product. Molded by casted brass and a flat mirror, CAY Mirror embodies nature’s ultimate scream, which rawest form flows through this charismatic furniture piece as lava flows from a volcano eruption. The OTTER Sofa, with its round shapes, transmits both comfort and grandiosity, the KOI Center Table and KOI Side Table with table tops in glass or marble and NIKU Floor Light with a structure in gold plated brass add contrast and brightness to the entire space.


Walles Living Room

Walles Living Room - Amazing Living Room Decor Ideas home inspiration ideas

This exclusive living room decor has WALES Sofa as the centerpiece. The WALES Sofa pays tribute to Wales country’s history, which has some of the most impressive monuments of the Middle Ages. The LATZA Side Table and the CALLA Table Light add grace and elegance to this living room. To complete this unique atmosphere for your family and friends, you could add KUMI II Mirror and the NAICCA Wall Lights. The brass structure and the quartz crystal of NAICCA Wall Light merge in this contemporary lighting to brighten your spirit with a jaw-dropping touch.


Fitzroy Living Room

Fitzroy Living Room - Amazing Living Room Decor Ideas home inspiration ideas

The FITZROY Sofa has its back inspired in the outstanding mountain shape and will add an organic element to any living room decor. Together with the asymmetry of the LALLAN II Center Table and the elegance of the DALYAN Armchair, your living room will be a beautiful space to rest and spend time with your family and friends. The VALENCIA Rug, hand-tufted in botanical silk, adds a vibrant touch to your living room decor.

Nau Living Room

Nau Living Room - Amazing Living Room Decor Ideas home inspiration ideas

This unique use of patterns uplifts your living room decor. The adventure and discovery feelings brought by the NAU Sofa, complemented by the elegancy of the SIKA Sofa and SIKA Armchair and the beauty of the AGATHA Rug. Together they create an eclectic and harmonious living room decor.

The "Éternal" Parisian Apartment home inspiration ideas


A living room is filled with feelings, intensity and tenderness. For every fierce moment of joy, there’s a quiet moment of peace.


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