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home inspiration ideas

Bathroom Ideas – Interior Design Inspiration

Koi Collection - The Bathroom Products Family home inspiration ideas
home inspiration ideas

Bathroom Ideas – Interior Design Inspiration

Your bathroom should be a place where you can relax and be with your thoughts at the end of the day.


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Watch these Bathroom Ideas to create your perfect bathroom!


Diamond Bathroom

Diamond Bathroom - Interior Design Ideas For Your Bathroom home inspiration ideas

The first of these bathroom ideas we will show you is this dark master bathroom. It has the most luxurious feel to it, using a Diamond Bathtub has the main statement piece of the design of this stunning bathroom. With a grey marble panel, the bathroom was designed with a splendid luxury set, and black and golden accessories perfectly complete the look. The Diamond bathtub turns heads wherever it stands, contrast with the black and white marble floor giving more luxurious light to this master bathroom. Beautiful in this decor, this bathtub makes the real difference and fits perfectly in this luxurious environment! Magnificent and majestic, this bathroom embraces the blissful nature of the golden color while combining it with black, creating this perfect contrast in which elegance is prominent among all items.


Koi Bathroom

Koi Bathroom - Interior Design Ideas For Your Bathroom home inspiration ideas

Luxurious furniture is the key factor in any bathroom design, setting the tone of the environment. The Koi Bathtub is the perfect place for your evenings and provides superb moments of peace and relaxation, even after a busy day, with an exuberant design inspired by carp scales. The splendor and grace that this bathroom exudes are just out of this world. Be inspired by the gold Pantone present in this ambiance and do not be afraid to create one just like it.


Lapiaz Bathroom

Lapiaz Bathroom - Interior Design Ideas For Your Bathroom home inspiration ideas

The small and elegant golden touches make this bathroom a true statement of luxury! Bring your bathroom to life with the fabulous Lapiaz Bathtub! This contemporary bathtub has an excellent design with luxury materials, such as the gold-painted tear with high gloss varnish! Pair it with the Diamond Freestanding to give harmony and elegance to your bathroom.


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Symphony Bathroom

Symphony Bathroom - Interior Design Ideas For Your Bathroom home inspiration ideas

Make your bathroom not only a comfortable space but a moment of pure relaxation with a home spa feeling! The cylindrical Symphony Bathtub, enveloped in golden brass tubes, has a glowing and striking design that elevates the room and your bath time. Put it in the center of your project to maximize its freestanding splendor and pair it with the Majestic Suspension Light adding a touch of sober elegance. Complete the deluxe bathroom decor with the Colosseum Mirror produced in polished brass and with the Symphony Vessel Sink.


Newton Bathroom

Newton Bathroom - Interior Design Ideas For Your Bathroom home inspiration ideas

The Newton Bathtub and Newton Washbasin are outstanding moments of design inspiration. They are both parts of a collection created for those looking for the best in contemporary furniture design. The high-gloss black and gold lacquered spheres make the perfect combination of these sculptural and artistic pieces.


Darian Bathroom

Darian Bathroom - Interior Design Ideas For Your Bathroom home inspiration ideas

A fresh and contemporary design, with a twist of nature. Vertical gardens are a growing trend, why not incorporate them into spaces not so obvious, such as the bathroom? Combined with two other bold but elegant choices: the Antelope Rug and the Darian Bathtub, this bathroom design is a sure demonstration of refined taste.


Petra Bathroom

Petra Bathroom - Interior Design Ideas For Your Bathroom home inspiration ideas

The black gloss looks of the wood matching the different shades of white turn this Petra Bathtub into one everlasting exclusive visual experience for the most luxurious bathrooms! The Duorum Vessel Sink on the same light tones completes this marvelous decoration. This is a unique piece made out of marble, inspired by the majestic Douro Valley landscape, in Portugal.


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New Releases home inspiration ideas

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