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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas
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10 Rugs For A Modern Living Room

Frida Kahlo home inspiration ideas
home inspiration ideas

A rug is a must-have in any modern living room. It not only adds comfort to the room, but it can also add a splash of colour. There are numerous factors to consider when selecting a rug for your modern living room.

Modern Living Room: The Importance Of The Rug

A rug does more than just complete the look of a room; it can completely transform how the space looks and feels. A rug or carpet can bring the elements of a room together, mellow it down, or make a bold statement.


home inspiration ideas

Modern Living Room Rugs To Get You Inspired

We’ve gathered a few modern living room designs with beautiful rugs to get you inspired. Explore them to see which one best suits your modern living room:

Couple Rug

home inspiration ideas

Couple is a one-of-a-kind rug and the most romantic rug in the collection, and it reminds us that we should never give up on love and our relationships with others in our lives. Couple’s exquisite design lends an air of romanticism, mystery, and magic to any setting. A one-of-a-kind rug that combines hand-tufted and overtufted techniques with the finest materials: natural wool and botanical silk.

Ocli Rug

home inspiration ideas

OCLI rug was created with a simple geometric design and basic colours to prove that black can be original, poetic, and elegant when used in interior design. OCLI is a luxury contemporary rug with a minimalist aesthetic that combines three different techniques, hand-tufted, overtufting, and carving, and is a 100% handmade rug made with natural wool and botanical silk.

Cell Rug

home inspiration ideas

The human body is made up of various types of cells. This indoor rug will serve as the room’s body, bringing together all of the other design cells into one cohesive design. CELL is a hand-tufted rug that combines the grandeur of three different materials: Botanical Silk, Natural Wool, and Lurex.

home inspiration ideas

Dêco Rug

home inspiration ideas

Inspired by the Art Deco movement, which peaked in the 1920s, Rug’Society created the Dêco irregular rug, which best represents the neutral collection. A handmade rug full of glitz and sophistication, with an unusual shape and the addition of fringes, that you will undoubtedly find irresistible.

Bauhau Rug

home inspiration ideas

Bauhaus was one of the greatest and most important expressions of what is known as Modernism in design and architecture, based on the language of the German avant-garde movement. A journey through the Bauhaus’ history is style, modernity, and ideology, and it can be your living room rug. A historical rug made with noble materials and sophisticated techniques.

home inspiration ideas

Inkblind I Rug

home inspiration ideas

INKBLIND is a Portuguese rug that represents the power of body arts in modern life, and the goal is to bring that power into interior design. A botanical silk rug that has been completely hand-tufted.

White Garden Rug

home inspiration ideas

White Garden is a square-shaped rug inspired by the elegance of neutral tones. With its shades of white, it is suitable for any environment. The neutral colour and geometric style reference in its interior make it a very elegant and classy product. A 100% handmade rug made of botanical silk that conveys comfort and warmth.


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