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home inspiration ideas

XFORM Design Studio: Interior Design at Its Fullest

home inspiration ideas
home inspiration ideas

XFORM Design Studio is mostly known for its complete and innovative take on residential and commercial projects. With a complete range of services regarding interiors, among which management, space planning, furniture design, fabrication and even cooperation in exhibition and gala events.


I love the feeling of satisfaction in witnessing the materialisation of my conceptual design into reality. I take pleasure improving the lifestyle of the occupants or the end users through my works. I also enjoy using the creative freedom of imagination to solve spatial puzzles in my design compositions.

XFORM Design Studio home inspiration ideas

XForm Design Studio is known for having a “limitless flow” of design ideas giving a unique transformative touch to spaces they intervene on. They have a contemporary and modernist take on their interiors while adding a special touch of color to many of their projects. The ultimate dream of XForm Design Studio is to create a building typology that offers affordable housing and healthy lifestyle for every family.

home inspiration ideas

They believe that building a good community should start with cultivating healthy families because each family can potentially make an impact on the entire community.

home inspiration ideas

They treat every single project as an important high-quality commercial entity and give emphasis on a high level of detailing and delivering the best design production customized to our client’s needs.

home inspiration ideas

Each client is like a friend to me. My aim during initial discussions is to understand the client’s lifestyle preferences, habits, etc while sharing my design interests and ideas. I seldom advertise my work directly – many new clients find out about me from their friends who have engaged my service previously.

home inspiration ideas
For XForm Design Studio, the design trend at the moment is all about using space-saving ideas to create an efficient layout especially for small apartments in major cities around the world.
home inspiration ideas
Wealthier clients expect major overhauls to the entire unit and are willing to spend on expensive joinery details.

Clients with limited budget can have parts of their units renovated with certain rooms or areas reconfigured into a more efficient layout. The Commercial clients are mainly business owners planning to expand their business operations.

home inspiration ideas


Their talents have earned them a couple of design talents such as earning First Class Honours in Bachelor of Architecture at RMIT University Melbourne Australia, submitting the winning entry at the Bandar Sunway Master Planning & Architectural Design Competition and being awarded the honor of Best Bank Interior Design Merit Award by Institute of Interior Design Malaysia.

home inspiration ideas

Currently, XForm is working on transforming an ordinary HDB (Singapore public housing) flat into a spacious Scandinavian gallery house. Projects like this use minimal colors and elements to create a greater impact. Besides that, they are also working on a contemporary-Eclectic interior design that combines luxurious and artistic materials to create a lavish yet relaxing space. Their inspirations include paintings, fashion, furniture, and daily objects as well as ideas from design magazines.

home inspiration ideas

For the company, environmental-friendliness will be an important aspect in the future. So far good designs make things beautiful, high-tech and meaningful and create functional spaces that are physically, emotionally and visually adapted to the users. He believes that beyond that, the design has the potential of taking care of their surroundings and the natural environment.

home inspiration ideas


For example, the eco-home concept is a great idea but unfortunately, it is currently not affordable to many. Also, the design and building industry can be more aggressive in converting construction waste into cheaper building materials and components, using, for example, the 3D-printing technology. Our Mother Earth will be much cleaner and healthier to live in if every building project uses these recycled materials and components.

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