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home inspiration ideas

The Spirit Of Zen – Japanese Motives In Modern Design

home inspiration ideas
home inspiration ideas

What is it about Japanese design, that we find it so modern, yet somewhat traditional? The motives typical for the Japanese culture keep reappearing in the pop-culture and we can easily adapt them to our interiors and, consequently, to our lives. The more you think about it, the more of them you can find, sometimes in the most unexpected places. Along with the Japanese modern design comes the philosophy of living and the zen spirit that you can achieve…


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Japanese design is all about being close to nature. The color palettes that you choose are strictly natural, neutral – the furniture pieces don’t pretend to be anything else than the materials they are made of. You can choose among various shades of ivory, grey, brown, beige – trust me, you can do miracles.  There is a lot of wood being used, along with paper and metal. And then come the traditional motives, something that is still on the minds of the designers all over the world…



Japanese art – simple, graphic, painted with ink, glorifying the natural landscape. See how this most recognizable work of Hokusai fulfills the image of this bedroom? Rescaled and kept in black and white, placed on a structural wall, it gains a modern edge to it.

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Lanscape on textiles

In this bedroom there are just the two pannels with painted fabric above the bed and the neutral color palette that define the room as Japanese. You can see the quality of the materials used and the variety of textures at once…

2dd410fc83ff56348a190b6ad6a743d3 home inspiration ideaskoket home inspiration ideas



Wood and paper screen in all the variation (as long as you keep the simple lines) are the must-have item for a room in a Japanese design style. Here again you can notice they neutral colors and natural materials giving you a sense of calmness.

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Koi fish

A wonderful modern center table inspired by the Japanese icon. Simple, yet surprising and sophisticated.

Koi Fish home inspiration ideas



Used for literally everything (furniture veneer, furniture pieces, lamps, baskets etc) as both a relatively flexible and strong material. In this design it is displayed as a wall panneling, just because of its decorative look.

modern design  home inspiration ideas


Paper lamps

Mix different types of lamps, hang them on different heights – it will give a ‘flow’ to the room, as the material that the lamps are made of is particularly light. Concrete and bamboo veneer are the perfectly matching materials for creating a cohesive interior with such lamps.

7bf01aff8e26bff1fbe4d7c96fe6e489 home inspiration ideasbrabbu home inspiration ideas


So traditional and still so new – that is what makes Japanese design so worth appreciating. With this style your home will never go out of fashion and you will keep on surprising yourself every day.



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