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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas
home inspiration ideas

Summer outdoor ideas – beautiful swimming pool designs

home inspiration ideas
home inspiration ideas

Summer of ’16! It is time to set a plan for outdoor ideas, and on it should be relaxing by the pool with a refresh cocktail! Swimming pools are the first thing you should think ahead and dream of your next tanning! The extra here are famous interior designers featured projects as Eric Kuster and Jeff Andrews.

Summer outdoor ideas – beautiful swimming pool designs COLTRANE OUTDOOR collection home inspiration ideas

The Dutch-born interior designer Eric Kuster knows the power of a good swimming pool and this rimless design is a minimalist masterpiece. Its intrigue comes, not from its shape – a traditional rectangle – but in its flawless recessed profile.

Summer outdoor ideas – beautiful swimming pool designs Eric Kuster home inspiration ideas

A Caribbean mansion with steps from the living room to the pool? A lifetime dream to accomplish? Eric Kuster designed cleverly this multi-functional pool design incorporating outside lounge areas which protrude into the water and an enclosed submerged seating area without affecting the design.


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Caribbean luxury mansion designed by Eric Kuster home inspiration ideas

After a Caribbean visit we jumped into the beauty of Southeast Asia! At this Thailand pool the turquoise waters offer the perfect cool-off spot before hitting the parasol-shaded loungers again.

home inspiration ideas

Eric Kuster Thailand outdoor swimming pool idea home inspiration ideas

With a breathtakingly panoramic view of the rocky Ibizan skyline, this gravity-defying pool appears to be floating into its stunning view, from one mountain to the other and seemingly without barriers. This landscape gives to swimmers an unique combination of freedom and environment attachment.

Eric Kuster Ibiza outdoor ideas  home inspiration ideas

This home’s spacious swimming pool sprawls out from its stone walls and plays the starring role in its landscape as a result.

Buckingham outdoor inspirations home inspiration ideas

Kardashian’s swimming pool! The pool was designed by LA-based interior designer Jeff Andrews and is set in a niche in the grounds of the star’s property. It’s finished with a classic Greek key tile motif and features a raised but submerged seating area in the fore and a grand cabana to the back complete with monochrome striped drapery and walls, a metal outdoor furniture set and fireplace.

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Famous interior designers Jeff Andrews home inspiration ideas

As an appropriately whimsical touch to a picturesque Los Angeles chateau, this shapely pool reaches, infinity-like, over the edge of the property’s hillside to a view of the valley below. Created by celebrated famous architect Richard Landry, the pool’s sinuous form is watched on by a nearby loggia crafted of reclaimed oak planks and low-slung day beds.

Summer outdoor ideas – beautiful swimming pool designs Richard-Landry home inspiration ideas

The 100 foot long design extends from deep inside the property’s hillside through lush vegetation and calming Balinese stone carvings. A paradise amidst the bustle of the nearby city, the home’s grounds also contain waterfalls, a koi pond, swim-in steam cave, two spas and a swim-up bar.

home inspiration ideas

Summer outdoor ideas – beautiful swimming pool designs Richard-Landry (2) home inspiration ideas

Looking at this Nicky Dobree villa project, we still cast our mind back to its pool – a majestic, mirrored sheet situated strategically at the edge of the property’s hillside. The combination of the pristine lawn, the verdant hills and a terracotta-tiled stone outhouse is the perfect setting for relaxing moments, enjoying the evening’s balmy weather.

Summer outdoor ideas – beautiful swimming pool designs Nicky-Dobree home inspiration ideas

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