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home inspiration ideas

Summer Inspiration: The Best Pools For Lounging

home inspiration ideas
home inspiration ideas

There’s nothing wrong with luxury outdoors. There’s nothing wrong with having a beautiful pool – in fact it’s a valuable home upgrade. Summer has thaught me that there is no such thing as “Too many pools”, specially when they are perfect for lounging and for a brief and fresh summer inspiration. So, if you have one of the best pools a large outdoor space or a backyard good enough for a pool but still don’t know how to improve your summer decor, this article is for you.


Today’s article is all about the top and best designed pools, so you find out how to relax and enjoy summer – the sunrise or even the sunset – while refreshing yourself and using some of the most fashioned and trendy bikinis. See below the best pools for lounging and the ost amazing outdoor spaces for a relaxing summer afternoon.




Breakfast Pool

Waking up to life and being blessed by refreshing view and by a colorful and healthy fruit, well, it would be marvellous for everyone, I am sure.

summer inspiration The Best Pools For Lounging 7 home inspiration ideas


Palm Trees Oasis

Do you know if there is someone on earth who does not love Palm Trees? Don’t think so – COME ON – they are extremely graceful and green, full of good vibrations. Can you find a better pool for lounging?

summer inspirationThe Best Pools For Lounging 1 home inspiration ideas


Green Hills

Could you imagine how liberating it would be to live up in some mountain, surrounded by wild trees and a deep pool of clean water? I would never be fed up by that, I can promise you that.

summer inspirationThe Best Pools For Lounging 2 home inspiration ideas


Savage Refugee

When work, routine and the city intese movement start to sufocate your soul, grab your car or even a plain, and go to a place like this one bellow. Your breath and mind will rest and find your true and inner you.

summer inspirationThe Best Pools For Lounging 3 home inspiration ideas


An internal fount of Water

If you don’t like to be in the sun outside, in the outdoor space,  you can find at your own place, a peaceful and quite place for you to rest your heart. Treat yourself right, time and life fly by too fast.

summer inspirationThe Best Pools For Lounging 4 home inspiration ideasMaison Valentina home inspiration ideas


A Southern Inspiration

Soft and clean lines are the main characteristics of this inspiration, so they are simple t replicate. Now, this is what I like to call luxurious outdoors.

summer inspirationThe Best Pools For Lounging 5 home inspiration ideas


Morrocco Style Pool

Travel the world through your lounging spot. Try to envision it like your dream hotel and then, make it that happen just for you. Pottery and a lot of green and tiles, will led you to Africa.

summer inspirationThe Best Pools For Lounging home inspiration ideas


The portic for the Lake

A wide pool, that has a big “gate” for the main lake, is like a place surrounded by energetic freedom. No limits in your sight.

summer inspiration The Best Pools For Lounging 6 home inspiration ideasbrabbu home inspiration ideas


Do you feel inspired now by these top pools for lounging? These pools offer the best swimming experience while make your outdoor space definitely look more luxurious and relaxed.




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