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Pantone Color Of The Year 2015 – Marsala In Use

home inspiration ideas
home inspiration ideas

That incredible sweetness that instantly goes to your head, sensational in all aspects… That’s what Marsala is. Now that is has been announced the Pantone Color of the Year 2015 it is time to show you some inspirations regarding Marsala – the color that has conquered our hearts in each and every design field…




The tone reflects the spirit of Sicily, where the color is produced. It provides intelectual and sensual impressions that you simply can not resist.  Just like the fine wine after which it was named, Marsala is glorious with some company or just by itself. Even when applied in small dosis the Pantone Color of the Year 2015  gives a high-end finish to your interiors.


In my opinion, it reveals itself really graciously in its familiar environment, surrounded by earth tones. Some texture paint and matte finish would be a great idea, just like using cotto tiles or smoked oak (which refers to wine barrels) for the floor.


home inspiration ideashome inspiration ideas


In a combination with black and white accents it gains an entirely different look from the natural one presented before. It becomes more refined, especially in a lovely classical-modern approach like this one:


marsala home inspiration ideas


On the other hand, with a little polished copper and pastel tones you can easily accomplished a non-pretentious, sweet version of industrial.


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There are also lots of possibilities for those of you who prefer indulging in warm grey tones. To create a uniquely luxurious living room, put an extra cushion on a light grey sofa surrounded by materials such as polished brass, white carrara marble, fur and silk…


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This color is the ultimate solution for enrichening your all-neutral boho loft. Doesn’t it go well with the white brick wall and leather rug? For this room I could also suggest hanging this 1950s glass ceiling light designed by Arne Jacobsen, a great mid-century  classic.


home inspiration ideashome inspiration ideas


Now, for those who are adventurous with the use of color – Marsala plus turquoise. Have you ever heard that opposites attract? Looking at those examples, they certainly do. To complete the picture add some coral as well. Aim for a totally eclectic style, that will bring out the best of this color palette.



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Throw pillows, rugs and other home accessories in Marsala can also help you adding that high-end finish to your interiors, like I was saying above.


home inspiration ideas


Allow yourself to be passionate about color. Try out at least one of the design varieties and indulge in this exquisite shade each day of your life, like in a glass of fine wine. After all, such fine design does not get rusty either. For more advice on interior design follow the Home Inspiration Ideas Blog.



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