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Palladium Theatre: A Thrills of Emotions at Knightsbridge Manor, modern decor, modern house, modern bathroom, interior design, bathroom design, bathroom decor home inspiration ideas

Palladium Theatre: A Thrill of Emotions at Knightsbridge Manor

Kid's Unique Bedroom Decor: Imaginative and Charming, modern decor, modern house, modern bathroom, interior design, bathroom design, bathroom decor, child bedroom, kids bedroom, kids decor home inspiration ideas
home inspiration ideas

Palladium Theatre, inspired by the London Palladium, seeks to provide a wide range of emotions and sensations. Home theaters are considered sanctuaries nowadays, with lights to create the perfect ambiance and extreme comfort coming from the seating and our surroundings such as walls and floors. Enjoying the comfort of our own home is what most people prefer, and is the perfect way to have countless hours of entertainment with our family members and even guests. At the Knightsbridge Manor, this does not miss.

Knightsbridge Manor is the new house designed by Home’Society and BRABBU, that is located in Knightsbridge, London. This house has an amazing artistic vision with the purpose of creating a unique ambiance and harmony within its design.

Keep reading to see the amazing design of the home theatre, present at the Knightsbridge Manor!


home inspiration ideas

Palladium Theatre

Knightsbridge Manor

home inspiration ideas

The London Palladium is a dazzling theatre that is located in the heart of the swinging city, one that has had, over the years, plenty of large performances blessing its stages and people filling its seats. This home theatre seeks to provide the unique sensations of a theatre like the Palladium, right at home.

home inspiration ideas

All the thrills of emotions coursing through one’s veins as the owners intensely feel for the characters and fear for their lives. The beauty of laughs at comedic genius performances and the tears of sadness over tragedy are all compiled in this impressive room that is as comfortable as it is luxurious.

home inspiration ideas

A watercolor sketch of the project before it came to life.

home inspiration ideas

The OREAS Single Sofas and Sofa are the perfect complement to the wonderfully designed theatre room. The NAJ Ottomans and CRAIG Side Tables award this space an iconic feel that is only augmented by the perfectly chosen VALENCIA Rug. Elements that work wonders in the Palladium Theatre, a marvelous space of comfort and entertainment, perfect for family and friends.


home inspiration ideas

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