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home inspiration ideas

Neverland Bathroom: A Dreamy Design at Knightsbridge Manor

home inspiration ideas
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Neverland Bathroom is a complementary space to the children’s bedroom. Children love places to let their imaginations run wild, and a bathroom can be part of their playtime and a space for dreams. This room is inspired by Neverland, the fictional island of Peter Pan and an imaginative faraway place, in order to keep the child’s age in mind. Knightsbridge Manor is the new house designed by Home’Society and BRABBU, that is located in Knightsbridge, London. This house has an amazing artistic vision with the purpose of creating a unique ambiance and harmony within its design.

A true sanctuary that evokes various emotions, including harmony, and visual thrills, this house proves to be a sensorial masterpiece where moments can feel truly alive.


home inspiration ideas

Neverland Bathroom
Knightsbridge Manor

Featuring some of the most imaginative bathroom designs ever seen, this private oasis meant for children is meant to grab them by their imagination and take them flying into a Neverland of adventurous relaxation and sensational emotions, where they can truly find rest in beauty.

home inspiration ideas

Its incredible colors evoke the magic felt in otherworldly places and the beauty of the shapes that ornament the room provides a sense of luxurious functionality that screams uniqueness. Playing with colors is part of the fun when it comes to children’s bathrooms.

home inspiration ideas
home inspiration ideas
home inspiration ideas

Children’s bathrooms tend to be more whimsical than adult ones, as they can be amazingly creative.

home inspiration ideas

A sketch of the room before it came to life.

home inspiration ideas

This inventive bathroom features the amazing custom PETRA Bathtub as its impressive centerpiece, together with the amazing custom PETRA Washbasin, awarding dreamy moments of pure blissfulness to whoever enters this room.
At the same time, the GLIMMER Mirror adds to the project a faint and elegant light.


home inspiration ideas

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