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home inspiration ideas

Natural Stone In Bathroom Design – From Rustic To Modern – Part II

home inspiration ideas
home inspiration ideas

Now that you have all the knowledge that is needed to create a perfect rustic bathroom, it is high time for you to find out something more about bathroom design. Once again I would like to prove to you that stone is an incredible material for interior design that can be incorporated in many various styles. This post will explain you how natural stone can instantly bring your bathroom to a modern high-end style.




First, let’s define what exactly is the ‘thing’ that makes a room have a contemporary vibe. Since the 1920’s the term ‘modern’ is associated with something new, having that glossiness of a latest invention. The search for ‘the newest of all’ went even further in the 1930 and developed in an appreciation for streamline. And this attitude towards defining modern remains in our heads till present days.


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If you want to keep your bathroom style modern, stone tiles are the ideal solution. Both matte and glossy finish may be styled as modern, what is important is maintaining a low amount of details. Yet, make the ones you choose really bold ones, standing out on a neutral background.  You should choose the bigger tiles, the ones that are 60×60 cm or more – this would create a harmonious surface and make the bathroom look bigger. But be careful with that trick! Using this sort of stone tiles in a small bathroom can cause something just opposite, so  if you are an owner of a bathroom like that and you are heading for a modern design that uses stone – decide on stone accessories or stone boarders on the floor.


maison-valentina home inspiration ideas


How about a total look with dark stone walls and dark stone floor? It may sound a bit gloomy, but if the room is well-lit and the stone you are using has few details – the bathroom would instanty become a luxurious home-spa. A couple of selectioned brass accessories in this case would reflect the beams of light and capture your attention, becoming displayed works of art.


Natural Stone In Bathroom Design home inspiration ideas


For a change – an opposite solution when it comes to the choice of color – a white marble paired with lacquered white furniture. In this bathroom the amazing view of the garden is that extra ‘zing’ element of the design. If you can not take pride in a view like this you can always implement some green wall elements – which look just as sophisticated and what is more, you can enjoy them all the year round.


Natural Stone In Bathroom Design home inspiration ideas


When we talk ‘big’, in this case as you can notice it is a bathroom design which bases only on a grand onyx slab on the wall behind the bath surrounded by some wooden finishes.  This is how a modern bathroom says more by saying less.


Natural Stone In Bathroom Design home inspiration ideashttp://www.brabbu.com/en/ home inspiration ideas


As you have surely noticed, modern stone does not defy natural interior design materials such as stone. It redefines the way they are used in order to achieve a completely new effect and to show rather the actual space of the room than its detail. This style displays what is most beautiful about stones such as onyx or marble – their own natural pattern. And now with our tips and your style awareness you can experience some modern edge at your own home. For more inspiration on bathroom design (and not only that) follow the Home Inspiration Ideas Blog.



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