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Natural Stone In Bathroom Design: From Rustic To Modern – part I

home inspiration ideas
home inspiration ideas

Can you think about something more classy and timeless for bathroom design than using some natural stone? When designing your bathroom there are some key styles you should definitely consider – let me guide you through them, one by one. Get inspired by nature to get the warmth and effortless chic only a natural material can provide and read our advice on how to style your ideal bathroom…




There is probably nothing more suitable for a cottage bathroom than natural stone tiles. The trick is choosing the right ones – some irregular, rough-edged tiles or pebble stones for the floor or walls could definitely transform the room into the bathing enclave of your dreams. In this design situation we recommend using limestone or pebblestone – both unpretentious and aging in truly rustic style.


Natural Stone In Bathroom Design: From Rustic To Modern – part I – Rustic home inspiration ideas

Achieving a great rustic style certainly requires using some raw – or even aged – wood. Your rustic interior could also benefit from some more use of natural materials – like linen or copper.


A modern-rustic use of pebblestone and wooden side-table

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An absolutely stunning piece – rough stone-carved washbasin in a look that is completed by a wooden wall and concrete floor

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Bare stone wall structure; ornamental mirror and the copper finish of the bathtub make the room even more sophisticated

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Another stone-carved washbasin in an ideal countryhouse bathroom design

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Last but not least – accessorizing a marble bathtub and pebblestone floor with a handicrafted stool

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As you can see using some natural stone can create that unique, blissfull atmosphere that you’ve been looking for while deciding to decorate your bathroom in a rustic style. Follow the HOME INSPIRATION IDEAS blog to get more tips on natural stone bathroom design and interior design in various styles that will be published soon.



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