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Jaime Beriestain Studio: The Prime of Spanish Interior Design

home inspiration ideas
home inspiration ideas

Jaime Beriestain Studio is an award-winning spanish interior design and landscape architecture firm based in Madrid and Barcelona. Founded by Jaime Beriestain in 2002, it has completed prestigious projects of different sizes and complexities throughout Europe, Africa, and America.


The Studio’s approach is to research the specific nature of each project and tailor a design response to meet the aspirations of the individual client, the characteristics of the site and the detailed requirements of future occupants.

Jaime Beriestain home inspiration ideas

Since Beriestain’s childhood that he has been very observant and curious about everything that happens around him. For that reason, inspiration can come to him through everything – seeing a happy customer is probably the greatest satisfaction he can have as a designer.

home inspiration ideas

Jaime Beriestain Studio has a diverse portfolio of an outstanding luxury hotel, private residential, restaurant, and retail projects. Clients include leading hotel chains such as Hyatt Regency, Marriott, Waldorf Astoria, and Hilton.

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They are recently working on some new projects like the Almanac hotel in the Ringstrasse of Vienna, a Room Mate Hotel in Rome, a seafront hotel in Marbella, a Resort in the Caribbean, 3 luxury residential buildings on the coast Malaga with the architect Carlos Lamela and private homes in France, Spain, Chile and Switzerland.

home inspiration ideas

My Studio is lucky to be able to choose your projects. This is because I like to give myself in each project in body and soul. From the first meeting to the last one in which we delivered the project. Earning customer trust through daily work is the most important thing. For me, it is essential that my client repeats in a different project with my Studio. With the number of interior designers in Spain and the rest of the world, it is a real satisfaction and privilege to trust you again.

home inspiration ideas

Jaime Beriestain doesn’t like to talk about trends or fashions. He has always made sure that his design does not consist in hunting the trend from one year to the next. He always tries to keep certain materials and details of his style that he captures in each order in one way or another. For him, in design, we must be able to make a durable and quality product.

home inspiration ideas

Jaime’s designs include a wide variety of objects: lamps, chairs, rugs, sunglasses, sandals etc., and even his own recipes. He continues to work tirelessly, following his passion for high-quality design and a job well done.

home inspiration ideas

Jaime Beriestain Studio is versatile enough to know how to adapt and give accurate answers to the needs and demands of each type of client they have. For them, there is an essential element for the success of any project and that is not achieved in a meeting or two, that element is trust.

Spain is a country with a long artisan tradition. Since arriving in Spain I have been interested in trying to rescue and value crafts. In my projects, I try to always be very present the crafts of the country in which the hotel is located. Today, unfortunately, we are losing many workshops and artisans who have managed to transmit their knowledge, technique, and skills from generation to generation until today. It is a true heritage that we should be aware of and commit to protect and disseminate. I know many artisans from northern Spain, in Ezcaray, in León, etc. I collaborate with many of them.

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