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home inspiration ideas

Create A Glamour Look For Your Bedroom

home inspiration ideas
home inspiration ideas

Sometimes all of us need to feel like an Hollywood golden era diva surrounded by luxury… Waking up in a bedroom with a glamour look might just do the trick. But what it makes a sophisticated bedroom? Read the article and find some interior design ideas for designing bedrooms that have the top quality glamour look…


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Firstly, you have to decide what kind of color scheme you prefer. Would it be a light or dark? Then comes the choice of right furnishings and home decor accessories – glamour style is very clear when it comes to that. Old Hollywood glamour bases on shiny materials in a limited color scheme – a couple of similar tones, but in various finishes and textures. Then it is either completed with silver or golden accents.

There are also certain pieces of furniture that would be unmistakeably associated with glamour style. That would most certainly be a tufted bed, mirrors in decorative frames and chandeliers. If your bedroom is big enough it might be a good idea to put a dressing table and tufted ottoman as well.


Subtle elegance and sophistication – basing only on shades of cream and taupe this bedroom is an example of perfect harmony. As you can see the fabrics that have been used are patterned, but the patterns are so delicate and ornate that they don’t stand out, yet their detail works on the general impression of opulence. You may also spot a nice accent typical for the glamour style – orchids.


Create A Glamour Look For Your Bedroom home inspiration ideas


Another trick you could use to make your bedroom design cosier and more glamorous – paneled wall. You can find modular panels upholstered in a variety of fabric and leather as well. The bedroom design luxury is created by the mirrored bedside tables that have their reflection in the silver accessories and a possibly big rug in muted tones. As for the detail – notice the inspiring accent of brass nails on the headboard?


afce071220ab0fda1eeb5cfd700c4f5d home inspiration ideas


This amazing sophisticated bedroom is basically all white. Yet there are some sutle accents of brass and a couple of grey threads in the fabrics make it more interesting. The design is undoubtfully a masterpiece of playing with different textures.


Create A Glamour Look For Your Bedroom home inspiration ideas


Transparent and crystal – this is the main theme of this bedroom design. Notice that when you decide to have a more modern chandelier (that is still in the main design scheme, though) it would be a clever idea to add some more detail in the accessories that you use – for example a faceted mirror and bedside table, or textured cushions.


Create A Glamour Look For Your Bedroom home inspiration ideas

koket home inspiration ideas


Now it is time to show you the possibilities that come with a darker color scheme. The antracite wall is balanced with cream and black bed linen (another brilliant use of textured cushions) and brightened up with a golden frame serving as a headboard. To make the entire design lighter there has been an antique chandelier used for lightning.


Create A Glamour Look For Your Bedroom home inspiration ideas


The quintesence of luxury – black and white plus brass accents. Notice how subtle the matte and shine wallpaper is. What really inspires me is the choice of geometric patterns and bold quiltings that go very well together, although they vary quite much. I also love the black and white photograph in a bigger format – a small one would go unnoticed, and in this interior there is a stron need for a piece of art.


Create A Glamour Look For Your Bedroom home inspiration ideas


Look how decadent and simple the glamour style can be. Basing on a strict black and white scheme and only a couple of furniture pieces, it still manages t capture the essence of sophisticated bedroom design. Here ou can see another piece that is in old Hollywood glamour style – a fur rug.


Create A Glamour Look For Your Bedroom home inspiration ideas


For those of you who prefer simpler furniture lines, but still appreciate a bit of glamour – you can focus on playing with the textures and materials and still recreate the design style. Here the main star is a statement chandelier hanged above the floating bedside table – replacing traditional table lamps with it serves as a great inspiration.


Create A Glamour Look For Your Bedroom home inspiration ideas


http://www.brabbu.com/en/ home inspiration ideas


The admiration for the old Hollywood glamour is endless – and that makes the glamour design style is evergreen. I know that probably all of you have once dreamt of having a bedroom like those shown above – now with the newly found inspiration you can easily get the look!

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