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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas
home inspiration ideas

9 Sofas To Liven Up Your Living Room

home inspiration ideas
home inspiration ideas

When it comes to decorating, the living room is arguably the most important room in the house. After the kitchen, it is the room where families spend the majority of their at-home time together entertaining guests and loved ones, and the sofa plays a major part in that. So your living room should be decorated to reflect you and your family.

The Impact Of The Sofa

Furniture is by far the most important category of living room decor. Because furniture takes up the most space, it is often the first thing people notice when they walk into your living room. While there are numerous possible configurations, some living room furniture is simply necessary for any home. The sofa is usually the star of any living room; it’s the focal point and the place where you’ll spend the most time.


home inspiration ideas

Sofa Design Inspiration

A sofa sets the tone for your living space and serves as the focal point for the rest of your home’s furnishings. Its design and the items around it reflect your personal style. Take a look at these 9 models and be inspired to refresh your living room.

9 Sofas To Liven Up Your Living Room


9 Sofas To Liven Up Your Living Room. Wales Sofa. home inspiration ideas

Wales, also known as the “Land of Castles,” has some of the most impressive Middle Ages monuments. WALES Sofa pays homage to the country’s past. This curved velvet sofa is upholstered in cotton velvet and has a matte vintage brass base. It has a golden polished nailhead trim that adds to its elegance.


9 Sofas To Liven Up Your Living Room. Hermes Sofa. home inspiration ideas

Hermes is the Greek God of boundaries, travel, and communication. This was the inspiration for the HERMES, a living room sofa with cotton velvet upholstery and polished brass legs. It is a statement mid-century modern velvet sofa that can transform any space.


9 Sofas To Liven Up Your Living Room. Dakota Sofa. home inspiration ideas

The Dakota is a Native American tribe that makes up two of the three main subcultures of the Sioux people. They are typically divided into two groups: Eastern Dakota and Western Dakota. The love of global cultures was the inspiration to design the DAKOTA Velvet Single Sofa as a tribute to this North American indigenous tribe.


9 Sofas To Liven Up Your Living Room. Oreas Sofa. home inspiration ideas

Oreas is the God of the Mountains in Greek mythology. The OREAS Sofa pays homage to it by being fully upholstered in soft cotton velvet. This living room sofa will be the focal point of your living room design with its modern contemporary design. The OREAS Sofa will complement any living room design.

home inspiration ideas


9 Sofas To Liven Up Your Living Room. Maree Sofa. home inspiration ideas

Loch Maree in Scotland is surrounded by a picturesque mountain with a rugged landscape. The tufted cotton velvet on the MAREE softens the rough landscape. This impressive modern living room sofa is upholstered in velvet and has matte lacquer legs, giving the classic chesterfield sofa a modern twist.


9 Sofas To Liven Up Your Living Room. Pearl Sofa. home inspiration ideas

Pearl is a noble material that is used in both jewelry and interior design. PEARL is upholstered in cotton velvet and has a matte vintage brass base that adds a charming touch. This channel-tufted lounge sofa in white cotton velvet with a matte vintage brass base is ideal for an elegant and timeless living room design.


9 Sofas To Liven Up Your Living Room. Bourbon Sofa. home inspiration ideas

The House of Bourbon was a French dynasty known for its class and splendor. The BOURBON embodies this grandeur with its button-tufted inner back, rich cotton velvet, and matte aged brass base. This velvet sofa complements any refined setting.

home inspiration ideas


9 Sofas To Liven Up Your Living Room. Powel Sofa. home inspiration ideas

The ocean is full of mysteries and rare beauty. Its beauty was highlighted by the exquisite design of the POWEL. This fabric sofa has a channel-tufted back and cotton velvet upholstery, as well as a base in glossy black lacquer with aged brass details. The POWEL Velvet Sofa will enchant and beautify any living room.


9 Sofas To Liven Up Your Living Room. Andes Sofa. home inspiration ideas

The majestic beauty of the Andes mountains is only matched by the tenacity of the people who live there. ANDES 2 Seat Sofa is a piece of mid-century modern furniture that pays homage to this strength. This curvy two-seat with matte aged brass legs and rich cotton velvet upholstery adds a strong yet graceful touch to any home decor.


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