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10 The Great Gatsby Living Room Ideas

home inspiration ideas
home inspiration ideas

Have you ever wanted to have a time machine and go to the past time? Something similar was invented during the 19th century and called cinema. Cinema lets us get to the places we have never been and also be inspired by showed movies. There was one movie which inspired designers, artists, writers and singers. Retro style, fancy mood, love and passion. Yes, it is “The Great Gatsby”. The movie which hit not only cinema but interior design world as well. The movie surprised its audience with sophisticated retro style contemporary interior and gave examples for living room sets.


I would like to present you 10 The Great Gatsby Living Room ideas which will help you to decorate your own living space. Take a look.



1. Niches of the windows

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Perfect windows design solution which makes the room more elegant and contemporary with allusion to the past.


2.  Metal cocktail table

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I am surprised about metal. Yes, it is heavy, but it looks so light in the same time.


3. Old modern look

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The first thing that comes to mind is “The Great Gatsby” scene when “The nervous” Jimmy was about to meet Daisy for the second time at Nicks (Daisy cousin) home.


4. Retro paintings

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The pictures capture the attention. Moreover, let’s focus on the right side of the room: astonishing leather armchair and lamp suspended over it.


5. Giant. Elegant. Sophisticated.

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This is what we call The Great Gatsby“.


6. Retro living Space

10 The Great Gatsby Living Room Ideas home inspiration ideas

The trees definitely draw the eyes in towards the hanging pictures.


7. Modern retro

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The best example of modern retro and straight allusion to “The Great Gatsby”.


8. Wooden walls and cozy light

10 The Great Gatsby Living Room Ideas home inspiration ideas

Two things that I miss in this room are the cigar smoke and Gatsby.


9. Bright room. The memory of Daisy Buchanan

10 The Great Gatsby Living Room Ideas home inspiration ideas

Should you want an even more formal feel, lower your balloon shade further. The more fabric that is exposed, the more formal the window treatment appears.


10. Large spaces and shining details of it

10 The Great Gatsby Living Room Ideas home inspiration ideasluxxo home inspiration ideas

One of the main features of “The Great Gatsby” interior is large spaces.


The majesty of the movie and its design capture attention and indicate the feeling of glory, which is one of the main feature of luxury. If you need more of interior design ideas for living rooms or living room furniture check our board on Pinterest: Living Room Inspiration Ideas.





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