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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas
home inspiration ideas

Home Inspirations: Top 10 Rugs To Spruce Up Any Living Room

Maison & Objet_6 sensational rugs to 2018 home inspiration ideas
home inspiration ideas

To decorate your place in the most stylish way you cannot forget your floor. The confort of the floor is as important as the walls and the space of the room itself. The floor is where you move, where you can also sit, perhaps next to your fireplace. We bring you 10 rugs to spruce up you living room in order to make it way more stylish and bright.

home inspiration ideas


Channel Cooper by Kelly Wearstler and The Rug Company home inspiration ideas
Channel Cooper by Kelly Wearstler and The Rug Company

The element of extravagance is so present in the Channel Cooper that the rug turns itself into a piece made out of gold. Its tangling lines turns street art and graphic design into the most luxury piece of tapestry.  Its artisanal original turns this copper coloured silk rug into an artifact.

Channel Cooper by Kelly Wearstler and The Rug Company home inspiration ideas
India Rug by Fendi Casa

The Italian luxury brand Fendi Casa has created a rug perfect for any living room, specially if you’re purpose is to create a decoration that embodies darker elements. The India rug is made out of twisted viscose and is tufted. It has a metal FF detail in polished stainless steel. It’s a great choice if you’re looking to create a more intimate ambience in your living room.

home inspiration ideas
Abrash rug by West Elm

The clean lines of the mid-century are one particular feature of the Abrash rug. West Elm has created a piece of tapestry that lacks vivid colors, just like mid century decor. Its bold pattern gives this rug a comfortable look and its neutral colors are one of the elements that makes this rug one of the most interesting choices when it comes to interior design trends in this fall winter season.

home inspiration ideas
Lola by David Rockwell
Inspired by glazed ceramics this handknotted wool rug is one of the most staggering indigo rugs you’ll find. The flow of movement gives the rug an important element to turn a space into a real experience. Completely artisanal, the Lola rug is hand-crafted in Nepal ,and if you have a large living room, you’ll never go wrong with this magnificent piece of art.
home inspiration ideas
Gradient Tidal Drift Rug by Calvin Klein

This Gradient Tidal Drift rug by Calvin Klein proves that monochrome schemes are not simply black and white. This rug picks up the spectrum and creates the most stylish fading grey shades. Its neutrals colours are ideal for this season since they create this balanced contrast of light and dark. Its material is a mixture of wool, Luxcelle fibres which gives this rug light. Perfect for your living room.

home inspiration ideas
Eaton Rug by Katherine Carnaby
With a fantastical pattern, this geometrical Eaton Rug by Katherine Carnaby would be a great choice to decorate the floor of your living room. Its plush texture is obtained by rugs silk. It brings a biggger comfort to your feet and gives you a neutral colored living room since it comes in grey, taupe or beige.
Rugs home inspiration ideas
Cato Indigo rug by Luke Irwin
The Cato Indigo rug by Luke Irwin is a tribute to history, more precisely to the roman ruins. This rug has a history-inspired mosaic and its Persian hand-knotted silk adds even more personality to this contemporary piece. It is hand-crafted in India and offers you a portal beween the past and the present.
home inspiration ideas
Zuiver Mars Hand Woven Rug by Cuckooland
When looking upon rugs you’ll find many indigo coloured ones. The Zuiver Mars Hand Woven Rug is made out of cotton and viscose. It features a geometrical pattern and it’s color helps to create a more intimate atmosphere to your living room. Like the name indicates, it is hand-crafted, which makes it even more special.
Elie Saab rugs home inspiration ideas
The Brushstokes is a hand-crafted rug in silk and Tibetan wool. The lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab created this piece as a collaboration with The Rug Company. It has as its main motifs abstract art, as a way to evoke poetic romance at each stroke, hence the name of the rug. This rug is rich in neturals which is perfect to give the right amount of light to your living room interior design.
Rugs - Poortere home inspiration ideas
Fading World Rug by Louis de Poortere
The Fading World Rug rug by Louis de Poortere is an impressive wool rug able to combine a traditional patter with a distressed finish. This rug was woven in Belgium and presents the fantastic combo of wool and cotton chenille on Jacquard Wilton looms. The color spectrum sets itself from jade green to mineral black and if you put the rug down in an aged wood or tiled floor it will certain look dazzling.
home inspiration ideas
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