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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas
home inspiration ideas

Home Inspiration Ideas –10 fluffy contemporary rugs to set on your floor

Living space tips 8 large area rugs ideas that are a show-stop posidon-rug by Boca do Lobo home inspiration ideas
home inspiration ideas

There’s nothing better than bringing color and functionality into a room than the use of a contemporary rug. But what if you could pick for your living room area 1 of 10 fluffy rugs? See these Home Inspiration Ideas selection of the best quality of contemporary rugs!

Home inspiration ideas - How to decorate with round mirrors IRIS wall mirror by BRABBU home inspiration ideas

You’ve seen them staring up at you from the floors of some of your friends scrapbook home photos and even in modern hotels interiors.  Here are 10 reasons to consider giving one a try.

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home inspiration ideas

*Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan carpets have become something of an obsession among the design crowd, originally used as warm, comfy bed covers, these handwoven carpets are much plusher and softer than your average area rug.

Moroccan rug for living room  home inspiration ideas


SANDSTORM wool rug, represents a combination of elements in nature as it brings into living spaces the softness, creating a twist of original colours.

Sandstorm rug by BRABBU for living room areas home inspiration ideas

*Patterned rugs 


When it comes to area rugs, we often take the safe route, opting for solid designs and neutral colors. But a patterned rug or two can unify disparate elements in a room and make a sea of plain upholstered pieces suddenly come alive.

how to place a patterned rug home inspiration ideas

Living Room Ideas ebook home inspiration ideas


Throw a pattern into the mix, however, and utility becomes versatility. Dull becomes divine. And great things start to happen.

how to place a patterned rug home inspiration ideas

*Brown rugs – PAPUA rug by BRABBU

Matching shades of brown with other dark paint color schemes (for example, green) will always work together. Try to feature in your living room decor a range of browns from twig to chocolate.

contemporary rugs-Brown rug home inspiration ideas

*Beige rugs – POPPY rug by BRABBU

Warm your living room ideas with hand-tufted rugs! If you lean toward beige, you’ll often like browns, taupes and warmer colors. Even if you want your living space to be all wood, you’ll still need to choose your backsplash, countertops and fixtures.

contemporary rugs-Beige rug home inspiration ideas

*Living room area rugs
-SISTINE by Boca do Lobo

A tribute to Michael Angelo and his works of art, the Sistine rug, reinterprets his aesthetic and style according to the cosmopolitan and vibrant lifestyle of the twenty-first century.

Living Room Area rugs home inspiration ideas

Banner-Covete-Magazine home inspiration ideas


One of the main purposes of a rug is to help define a space. When choosing one, you’ll be considering the floor space you have, what furniture you want on and around it and the connection and balance between the two. Here it is one good living room decor example of midcentury furniture placed correctly with a hand-tufted tencel rug.

contemporary rugs-living room area rug __ 2 home inspiration ideas


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KOI living room rug by BRABBU home inspiration ideas


KASAI living room rug by BRABBU home inspiration ideas


Take a look to more fluffy contemporary rugs in the following video:

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