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home inspiration ideas

Cozy Rugs For Wintertime

Living space tips 8 large area rugs ideas that are a show-stop posidon-rug by Boca do Lobo home inspiration ideas

Here’s the thing about rugs: How good does it feel when you put your feet on the ground and find a fleecy, comfy rug? You probably value that even more when you wake up in the morning and your toes meet the cold floor, right?


Specially in the wintertime, as the mercury drops, covering the floor with a sumptuous rug keeps things toasty. Area rugs are often used as a design element in a room; they add color and style while unifying a space. During the cold winter months, they serve another important function: they add a layer of insulation to the floor, trapping cool air underneath and keep it from seeping up and cooling the room. The warmth of the rug will keep your feet toasty, too.



rugs-detail-1 home inspiration ideas


To better help you keep the style and warmth inside, Home Inspiration Ideas gives you a selection of comfy rugs that add sophistication to your rooms, while keeping it cool. With a hand fullYou don’t have to pick only a favorite one. Hand-tufted, stylish and beautiful, these are all from Brabbu’s collection.


Wari, by Brabbu

This rug easily adapts to a contemporary, mid-century or modern home décor.

wari home inspiration ideas


Sudd, by Brabbu
This hand-tufted 100% wool rug is perfect for interior ambiances such as living rooms, bedrooms and home offices.

sudd home inspiration ideas


Kaiwa, by Brabbu
In tencel overtufting, here’s a comfy rug that will both improve your home design and the coziness of your rooms.

kaiwa brabbu home inspiration ideas


Cauca, by Brabbu
The geometric pattern on the black & white tencel rug is the best furnishing for your modern home décor.

cauca home inspiration ideas


Mursi, by Brabbu
The combination of the body painting motifs and the animal’s footprints in an abstract pattern creates this beautiful hand-tufted tencel rug: an earth-to-earth acquisition for the home.

mursi home inspiration ideas


Himba, by Brabbu
A strong, powerful, red coloured rug made from hand-knotted thin wool, taking to your home the warm sensations of Africa.

himba home inspiration ideas


Turkana, by Brabbu
Try this luxurious hand-tufted dyed wool carpet in front of your hearth.turka home inspiration ideas


With the recent winter blast, keeping your home warm can be a bit of a challenge. Carpets help prevent heat loss through the floor. And the truth is that your home design is never complete without it! Make the most of the handy portable rug when the weather gets colder to add extra warmth to your home. Use it to supplement your existing carpets, giving a deep and soft pile to scrunch your toes into.


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