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home inspiration ideas

Transform Your Interiors With Industrial Style

Small Bedrooms Use Space in a Big Way home inspiration ideas
home inspiration ideas

Industrial Style | It’s a truth universally acknowledged that as one fashion ends a new cycle begins. What was once ignored becomes all of a sudden a design icon and a latest trend, reviving old pieces has become a must. It applies in all design levels, and interior design is definitely joining in this lust for the past search.



Industrial interiors home inspiration ideas


Trends have taken us from rich and elaborate to ultra modern, to minimalistic, to feng-shui and many more, but what about going more industrial style? In the recent years old barns, industrial building and large industrial spaces have been turned into the trendiest clubs, restaurant and also lofts and apartments.


Industrial living room home inspiration ideas


Here are some ideas on how to copy this raw unfinished industrial style that combines so well with a touch of personality and design details. From rustic exposed finishes and structural elements to industrial inspired lighting fixtures, there is no doubt that industrial home design details are here to stay. The rough surfaces, with their grey, black, copper surfaces can e transformed in cozy and trendy spaces with just a few adjustments.




Industrial home office home inspiration ideas


When furnishing such spaces always study its history, this will help the soul of the space to be well represented and revived in a more modern and livable key. Pay attention to your home furniture and make the most of its details.


Industrial living room home inspiration ideas


Mechanical details can give strength to a room or an ambient, do not be afraid to experiment, these types of spaces are perfect for such bold expressions of metals and industrial parts.


The risk in some cases is to overdo the industrial style, making the house look just like a factory, therefore always make sure to add warmer touches, through the use of fabric and furniture complements. Exposed bricks, steel beams or columns, exposed concrete, unfinished wood, and stainless steel work well for this style. As per lighting free standing floor lamps in a metal finish are absolutely perfect for this type of ambients.


Transform Your Interiors With Industrial Style home inspiration ideas


Another important aspect of this style of interior deco seeks to avoid bright bold colors, you will want to stay clear of that and favor warm earthly colors instead. You want to make the ambient warm, and the metal parts will combine well with dark rich red, brown, grey and similar palettes. This can also be helped by adding personal touches for example through the use of art pieces, to reflect your personality and give your touch to the room.


delightfull home inspiration ideas


Last advice for an industrial style apartment is to keep the metal hardness away from your furniture. You want big and comfortable pieces to complement the straight, strong and rough edges of the basic industrial ambient.


Transform Your Interiors With Industrial Style home inspiration ideas

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