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home inspiration ideas

Handcraft Furniture: The Secret Behind This Art

home inspiration ideas
home inspiration ideas

home inspiration ideasNowadays, more and more companies are betting on the production of handcraft furniture and much of this is justified by the differentiation from the mass production that we are witnessing. We are in the era of indutrialization, but the truth is that handcrafted pieces are increasingly appreciated by interior designers and final buyers.

Experts and admirers of handcraft furniture mention the importance of this art because when you buy a piece you bring some free gifts with you: the knowledge and love of the craftsman who produced it. Depending on the size of each piece and materials, the production time can be more than 6 months. Can you imagine the dedication of the artisans to this piece until it is complete? Admirable!

We had the opportunity to talk to a few artisans from Brhands Foundation, a tribute to all makers for their wisdom, storytelling, and for building beautiful creations through ancient Technics and raw materials. BRABBU Design Forces, our sponsor, makes a statement by presenting hand-made furniture pieces that are perfect from its natural look and textures, to highly polished and colored versions.

We could not describe everything in words only, so we created a gallery below that you could devour. Don’t miss the gallery and discover the secret behind this art.


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Handcraft Furniture: The Secret Behind This Art home inspiration ideas

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