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home inspiration ideas

Tips On How To Style A Statement Sideboard

home inspiration ideas
home inspiration ideas

Have you ever wondered what is it that makes a living room what it should be – a joyful place where you can sit for hours with your family and friends, or simply enjoy your solitude with a glass of an excellent wine? What kind of home furniture and accessories will make it vibrant, rich in textures and colours and practical at the same time? An out of the box sofa is an obvious choice – but on itself it is not enough. What you need is a sideboard. And not just any sideboard – a well styled and a bit extravagant one is the answer. Here you can find the home furniture that sets a great design example…




First and most important piece of advice that applies to every interior design – DON’T play it safe.  After all your interiors should somehow reflect who you are. And you are surely a very lively person, aren’t you? Note: you would expect minimal or monochrome to be dull, but I’ll prove it to you later in this post – it is actually quite bold. Pick the sofa of your dreams, layer it with cushions – and then comes the time to pick the sideboard that completes the ideal image. May this selection of ideas inspire you to go brave about your living room!


colorful blocks + neutral walls

This look would be perfect for those who appreciate a moderate industrial feel in interior design. A structural wall (may it be panelled wall or concrete wall) instantly creates a flawless space for your home art gallery – some vintage pieces would present themselves marvellously there. This sort of sideboards would definitely do well with a plain white sofa with a couple of colorful cushions and a black and white rug. Take my word for it.

wefwe home inspiration ideas


eco + picture of nature in a large format

A wooden, slightly organic sideboard just asks for completing its image with some more nature. As you can see, the sideboard goes really well with neutral tones like light gray and olive green. What is more, it could serve you as a magnificent place to display your ceramics collection. It compliments on the linen upholstery fabric of the armchair and your mid-century chairs’ organic feel too.

6439e408b2ea3da9b7837f74476ed157 home inspiration ideashttp://www.delightfull.eu/en/ home inspiration ideas


organic + abstract

And here is one of my favourite pieces – BRABBU’s NAZCA sideboard accompanied by some abstract art and an unconventional floor lamp standing next to it. The whole set is placed on a background of a white-painted brick, kept in a modern, mid-century eclectic style – it is a trick you could surely use at your own place! – you can find the sideboard here.

brabbu-ambience-press-22-HR home inspiration ideas


bright colour + mexican accessories

Plain walls, some well-kept cacti in glazed ceramic pots, perhaps a patterned rug, and of course ‘the’ sideboard… – and there you’ve got it! A perfect modern style with some mexican vibe. The look could also work beautifully with a sideboard in a abright orange or turquoise version. The thing that makes it pull the look together is the fact that it is made from a cool, metal material in a bold, shiny finish, so it contrasts the warmth of the rest of the items even better.

1ba654a7a95869c56ba10a4ff904e363 home inspiration ideas


neutrals + wood + typography

The simple, yet decorative way of making a design statement for those who prefer the neutral tones. Putting a minimalistic sideboard with a grey and wooden finish agains a panelled wall in a historic apartment is a playful way of doing justice to both styles. Some pure white accessories and typographic posters are just an icing on the cake.

ce48383ceb48988fa268b0f1bd0853b2 home inspiration ideas


plain white

Just as bold as any colorful design. With some antique, aged brass pieces, tiny silver details and flower arrangements would quickly make your living room become your favourite spot.

sideboard home inspiration ideasbrabbu home inspiration ideas


Colorful or neutral – it’s up to you how you choose to style your sideboard. The important thing is to make it stylish and enjoyable for you, everyday – and this is something the H.I.I. blog can easily help you with. Find your individual look and stay inspired with more HOME INSPIRATION IDEAS posts.



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