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home inspiration ideas

Louis Ghost – How Philippe Starck Redesigned History

home inspiration ideas
home inspiration ideas

Simply an icon – the Louis Ghost Chair is probaby the most recognizable piece of furniture ever created. Interior design world just wouldn’t be the same without it! What kind of concept did Philippe Starck come to, that has doomed this chair to such success? What is the story behind the legend? Read the article and find out more about this famous design of Philippe Starck as well as some incredible interior design projects the Louis Ghost has been used for.


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Created in 2002, it has quickly become obvious that it fits perfectly for numerous interior design concepts – be it a museum that needs a modern ‘vibe’, yet wants it to follow the line of the historic period, or a strictly modern high-end restaurant that needs something that brings the memory of wealth and elegance of the French court. Philippe Starck has commented that it is a mix of materials and styles based on our shared memories, which makes us all own that piece in a way – and it is difficult to disagree with the designer himself.


Inspired by the Louis XV style and made in transparent and colored polycarbonate – it is the modern day dream of baroque splendor. With its charm, even though it looks so light, it is in fact very durable – it has been designed for using it both as an outdoor and indoor piece, resistant mechanical damage and atmospheric agents. Because of the material transparency the chair can be colored – to add even more twist to it! A transparent chair with color!


The charm and elegance of the design has not gone unnoticed – the Louis Ghost Chair has found its rightful place in one of the top restaurants in Paris – Le Kong. Philippe Starck’s chairs combined with electric shades of purple on the floor and accents of baby pink and orange gain on expressiveness and harmonize with the panoramic view of Paris – the city of romance and exquisite interior design.


Louis Ghost - How Philippe Starck Redesigned History home inspiration ideas


You can easily bring that touch of elegance to your own home.  This eclectic interior would not be the same without that iconic chair – it brings together the historic apartment, the modern graphic art that is in it and the modern furnishing in bold colors.


Louis Ghost - How Philippe Starck Redesigned History home inspiration ideas


The Louis Ghost Chair can also be suitable for an interior design in a more neutral color scheme. Here you can see a nature inspired dining room design – tones of beige and grey combined with wall panells made of natural wood, delicate and ornate ink painting on the wall… All that is contrasted by the use of transparent materials and polished steel that keep the proper balance between the traditional and the modern.


Louis Ghost - How Philippe Starck Redesigned History home inspiration ideasboca-do-lobo home inspiration ideas


This exotic interior design style goes well with the black version of the Louis Ghost Chair. Its glossy finish matches the lacquer oriental screen and contrasts the rough finish of the wooden table. As for home decoration accessories for such interiors – colonial style is perfect. Little sidetables, a statement brass lamp, a zebra rug, some feathers – you could add all that and a lot more for the opulent, exotic feel of the interior.


Louis Ghost - How Philippe Starck Redesigned History home inspiration ideas


For contrast – an all-white modern interior. Creating a blissfull, heavenly atmosphere requires lots of cushions and fur accents – without them the living room might seem cold.  All this creates a perfect background for a design item such the louis ghost chair to present all its glory. The lilac shade of this particular one is unpretentious and well-matched with the retro photograph gallery.


Louis Ghost - How Philippe Starck Redesigned History home inspiration ideas


It seems evergreen, as if it was designed only a while ago. It does not stand out from the latest interior design trends such as copper lamps, black kitchen furniture or black grout contrasting small white tiles – on the contrary, it completes the look of all those elements.


Louis Ghost - How Philippe Starck Redesigned History home inspiration ideashttp://www.brabbu.com/en/ home inspiration ideas


As you can see, investing in an iconic design piece is most certainly worth it – you could build your entire interior design concept around it, or complete the existing one. I hope that I managed to explain you what are the possible uses for Philippe Starck’s Louis Ghost Chair. Remember – its mostly up to your own creativity! For more inspiration follow the Home Inspiration Ideas Blog – new articles coming soon!


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