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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas
home inspiration ideas

Eva Martinez: Unique, Eclectic, Harmonious Design

home inspiration ideas
home inspiration ideas

A designer of contrasts, Eva Martinez is a unique Spanish interior designer. She’s able to create an oasis of harmony and eclecticism, through her warm, versatile, creative and cozy spaces with refined interior design. Going through the best of the Mediterranium, it’s impossible not to notice Eva Martinez’s work for residential homes and hotels as well as restaurants and other public spaces.




Unique, eclectic, harmonious: that’s the best way to describe the magnificent interior design of Eva Martinez.


Eva Martinez home inspiration ideas

This project in the hotel La Torre del Canónigo brings back the Mediterranean style with a few pops of color that are simply irresistible. A color palette based on white, blue and yellow with a mix of raw wood, metal and a modern design, it’s the perfect harmony between elements that clearly shows the eclectic inspiration behind Eva Martinez‘s works.

home inspiration ideas

The luxury design of this hotel in Barcelona is easily completed with a touch of mid-century and bright colors mixed with a contemporary vibe. Keeping the modern spirit, Eva Martinez was able to create a cosmopolitan and eclectic interior design by paying special attention to detail, materials (mixing linen with mirrors and other different elements) and the creative side of this interior designer, which is always present.

home inspiration ideas

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home inspiration ideas

Located in one of the most charming neighborhoods in Barcelona, this interior design project mixes futuristic design with cosmopolitan and eclectic. That’s one of Eva Martinez‘s stronger attributes, playing with this harmony between styles and spaces. Beautiful furniture is harmonized with stunning ceilings, an incredible attention to detail and good taste.

home inspiration ideas

It’s the stunning interior design projects by Eva Martinez that makes us even more passionate about interior design. Check out more of her projects on Martinez’s website.

home inspiration ideas


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