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Shruti Sodhi: Home'Society Design Talks, modern design, mid-century, modern decor, interior design, contemporary design home inspiration ideas

Shruti Sodhi: Home’Society Design Talks

home inspiration ideas
home inspiration ideas

Shruti Sodhi, an interior designer who is passionate about her career and her creative soul. The designer is one of the most sought, not only in Delhi NCR but the whole of India. Her unique style gives a touch of elegance to any room and offers end-to-end projects. The designer realized, in her 30s, after experiencing work as a model and marketeer, that her vocation was to put her creative mind to work. Love of mid-century design, Shruti Sodhi told us everything about her journey and inspiration Home’Society believes that talking, discussing, and exploring ideas together is essential to the design process. The goal is to create a platform with a new vision of macro and micro trends within the industry, generating added value for the design lover community. These design talks include interviews with interior designers, architects, and showrooms to discover and discuss what is trending and discuss the creative process.


Watch the Full Interview Here:

Exclusive Interview with Shruti Sodhi

Shruti Sodhi: Home'Society Design Talks, modern design, mid-century, modern decor, interior design, contemporary design home inspiration ideas

Shruti Sodhi shared with us her creative journey. From an early age, the designer sought to create beautiful things, she wanted to engage with her creative side. Therefore, she was active in dance, drama, painting, and even poetry, things that she would eventually lose along the way. Additionally, Elite Model Management from Paris allowed her to work for them, something the designer found was not her true calling. Her current path was the result of the inspiration she took from her father – decorating homes and spaces. It was at 31 that she had the time to stop and think about her options, and interior decoration was what stuck with her.

” I had no qualifications, nothing, and I just was so confident that I could do this because I had that connection from my growing up years and I decided, no, this is something that I’m going ahead with, I’m going to do this, and I started telling everybody that I’m an interior designer. ”

From her first job at a farmhouse to being one of the most requested interior designers in India.

Inspirations and Motivations

Shruti Sodhi loves mid-century and the Covet House brands. They have inspired her deeply, as she derives her inspiration from Koket, BRABBU, and even Boca do Lobo. She told us she had the opportunity to visit Portugal and the villas and factories, which connected with her and her love for the mid-century. However, Luxury is a broad term and Shruti Sodhi’s team tries to answer the requirements that are asked for. That is where her motivation also comes from – people’s way of living and expectations. The place has to be done right, the customer has to believe and trust in the designer’s work so their needs can be catered to. It is important to have options for different cultural needs.

home inspiration ideas
Project by Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

After understanding their lifestyle she moves further ahead to create a layout suitable to those elements. The designer claims the most satisfactory part of her job is making the client happy and having them say thank you. Those are the things that are the highlights of her job. As she puts it“(…) people’s way of living it’s very different, and the expectations are very different. So, I catch the lifestyle part, as a nerve, and then, you know, understand, of course, what they really want, and then build upon (…)”

home inspiration ideas
Project by Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

The designer talks about how clients, nowadays, pay not only attention to the aesthetics but also the overall feel of space. Balanced energies can be important to certain cultures, or even one’s personality, so Shruti Sodhi tells that that is something to consider when designing homes.

Shruti Sodhi advises that to be a designer you need to think out of the box and call out our most artistic side. Being a designer is all about the soul and what comes from it.

home inspiration ideas
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