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Kelly Hoppen Inspires With Masterclasses in Interior Design

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home inspiration ideas

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Kelly Hoppen creates unblemished and dainty interior that has clean and precise lines. Designer has 40 years of experience and she is very eager to share her knowledge with anyone who is willing to learn, she is about to launch interior design masterclasses. “A home should be where you feel joy and happiness. It should feel like your own space, reflective of the spirit, life and loves of the people who live there”.


Kelly Hoppen home inspiration ideasKelly Hoppen makes interior design that is both practical and luxurious while emphasising the atmosphere you want to achieve.

home inspiration ideasTaking time to understand the lifestyle of those involved, subtle taste and elegance is reflected in all interior design projects.

home inspiration ideasInterior design ideas helps to visualize how to manage and maintain your property; from what florists to use to garnish your room, to where to buy your gluten-free muffins.

home inspiration ideasHome Décor includes beautiful handcrafted furniture, unique home accessories and luxurious bed linen.

home inspiration ideasPractical lessons for design interior can give you the best experience. You will be learning from the best. Kelly has 40 years of experience and she has started only 16 years old.

home inspiration ideasEvery month you are able to work directly with Kelly and her team of experts covering further subjects.

home inspiration ideasGiving the old new life gives room modern yet cozy and warm look. One of the reasons that keeps KH design popular is that designer rather use trends as a guide than to rule home décor.

home inspiration ideas Every month you are able to work directly with Kelly and her team of experts covering further subjects.

home inspiration ideas Kelly and her team gives opportunity to learn from her experience via live streaming. Also, you are given the assignments and lesson recaps.

Kelly Hoppen Inspires With Master's Classes in Interior Design home inspiration ideas

This is one of the best opportunities to get master’s classes in interior design.


home inspiration ideas




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