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home inspiration ideas

How to Decorate Your Fireplace For Summer

home inspiration ideas
home inspiration ideas

Today’s theme is all about Fireplaces, a home accent which can have both an indoor and ourdoor version. My favourites are the fireplaces which style and design are most known for contemporary: Contemporary fireplaces. And you may think that, given the fact that it’s summer, this is a topic that doesn’t matter much, but think again: How do you make the most of your fireplace in the summertime?


Ok, it’s summer actually, but who does not love to be around a warm source of fire during the best summer nights? It gives such a cool ambiance and at the same time, it gathers people in a topic of conversation or celebration. So, let’s find some summer home décor ideas and see how you can use your fireplace.



Art inside the fireplace

If you don’t want to neglect your fireplace during the summer season, here’s a great solution: a piece of art or another type of ornament inside the fireplace can embellish your intire room.

46e1a755ddde4f20_fireplace-cover home inspiration ideas


Candles inside the fireplace

You can also choose to make an arrangement of candles and use them in the fireplace. It’s romantic and sophisticated.

Candles-Decoration-Ideas-for-Fireplace home inspiration ideas


A non-expected fireplace

Nowadays, design is evolving in  an incredible, just becaue you can find “normal” things related to unsual supports – just like this one. A creative fireplace on top of a concrete center table. Love the neutral color palette and the winter kind of inpired appearance.

How to Decorate Your Fireplace For Summer home inspiration ideasbrabbu home inspiration ideas


A disguised fireplace

Some people love fireplaces, without loving to use them. They love the design side of the the thing, but when the matter is to kight it up or even to clean it up, well, the love decreases a little bit. For that reason, you can use everything to take advantage of that hole of the wall.  A vase, full of colorful flowers, will give a Summer edge to the room.

Contemporary fireplace home inspiration ideas


An outdoor fireplace

That is my favourite kind of fireplace. It gives a sense of interior, but you still be around nature and enjoy fresh air.

Outdoors home inspiration ideas


Contemporary fireplace

Love how these lines go great with that deep blue leather on the upholstery. The all black fireplace gives a certain luxury to the ambiance.

Living room home inspiration ideas


The corner you are not expecting

We are used to see a fireplace in the most expected places – in a living room or even in a traditional kitchen, where we know exactly where it is normal to find such a detail. Well, fireplaces can also be found in some corner of the living room, and that is exactly why I love this – it gives texture to the wall, to the room and it helps to unify the hit across the house.

Living room home inspiration ideasdelightfull home inspiration ideas


So, how are you going to choose the design and the decoration of your fireplace?




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