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home inspiration ideas

Home Poster Gallery Ideas

home inspiration ideas
home inspiration ideas

Let’ not underestimate home poster design – posters have an informative function – that’s for sure, but there is also a lot of high quality design into them!  Why not create a wall gallery and bring your home décor to an entirely new level of sophistication and style? Check out my selection of styling for poster gallery ideas and create your own home gallery!


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The home poster galleries are the next it-ting in interior design. In a way, poster design has finally been properly acknowledged and celebrated as art. As a huge fan of mid-century modern I could not miss the opportunity of recommending you some era-related designs. Try to look up for some exquisite vintage prints – I’m pretty sure you could find some orignal ones at your local flea market (and make the trip a great adventure).


You certainly recognized the Murano glass by tapio wirkkala from 1968. The glass collection is the perfect completion for the graphic poster wall gallery. Notice, how this interior design brings out the key color – red, and plays a scheme of black, white and light wood around it.


Home Poster Gallery Ideas home inspiration ideas


A great black-white-green color schemed interior related to the poster design. The trick of color-matching the displayed art with the interior is crucial to creating a poster gallery. The art should correspond with the interior – either by matching it, or contrasting it.


Home Poster Gallery Ideas home inspiration ideas


Even a minimal interior design such as this one requires some art – it has a certain way of showing the world (and often ourselves as well) who we are and what we believe it. And, not to get too philosophical – how well we know our ways in creating a chic interior.


Home Poster Gallery Ideas home inspiration ideas


Mid-century inspired design is a wonderful match for a contemporary interior with a poster gallery. It is both neutral and sophisticated in details – such as perfectly finished wooden elements and velvet upholstery.


Home Poster Gallery Ideas home inspiration ideas


koket home inspiration ideas


The mid-century design is organic inspired – that’s why it goes well with nature inspired shapes and color schemes – even with the bold ones. Here each and every piece of the interior design is a work of art. The playfullness and craftmanship of the design is undisputable and surely inspiring. And what a cool armchair!


Home Poster Gallery Ideas home inspiration ideas


I cannot hide that velvet sofas are my favourite. In a white interior you can go a little crazy with furniture colors. Pink and green goes very well with illustration posters and mid-century wooden table. Remember to put some black and white home accessories – they make it a little more sophisticated and edgy.


Home Poster Gallery Ideas home inspiration ideas


Strong graphic accents of graphic design on the wall and the black and white rug are well-balanced with the blue velvet sofa – a great solution for making an eclectic design in a historic apartment a bit bolder, yet harmonious.


Home Poster Gallery Ideas home inspiration ideas


A grey chesterfield sofa on a background of grey wall – sounds a bit dull, doesn’t it? That is why a home gallery is a much needed interior accent here. With a mix of posters and pictures in various  frames – but displayed in an order – it creates a controlled artistic chaos.


Home Poster Gallery Ideas home inspiration ideas


http://www.brabbu.com/en/ home inspiration ideas


Hope that you got the inspiration and courage that you needed for creating your own wall poster gallery – now it’s time to express yourself with the interior design of your own home!

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